Tips on Thursdays – mashup a thesis summary with a video abstract

If you want people to know about your doctoral research, our one page thesis summary is a great way to share that with the research community, have a publication in the journal, and provide a link to the full thesis.

Another way to boost your profile in the research community is to release a video abstract to go with your thesis summary. It is a great way to communicate your passion for your doctoral work, and for the research community to see the person behind the project or summary.

Who knows, it may even lead to some inquiries that lead to:

  • requests to submit job applications,

  • invitations to do seminars or workshops, or

  • other collaborative activities from those interested in your work.

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From thesis summaries to full theses

Environmental education in a climate of reform: understanding teacher educators’ experiences

In 2014, Sylvia Almeida created a summary of her doctoral thesis for the journal. A study of environmental education policy reform in India, and awarded by Monash University, you can read and download the full thesis via Figshare at the main link, her abstract is as follows:

In a climate of national and international policy reform in environmental education this study is designed to examine the ways in which environmental education is implemented by teacher educators (n=11) in a particular teacher education institution in India. The rapid economic progression particularly over the last decade has led to environmental problems of an unprecedented level. India has struggled to keep pace with these problems resulting in the judiciary stepping in and ordering mandatory Environmental Education in the curricula for all schools and undergraduate programs. This study shows that while there has been development of policies, their impact on teacher educators’ practice, and therefore student teachers’ learning about Environmental Education is limited. This thesis is an ethnographic study of a Teacher Education institution in India. The data included public and private policy documents, semi-structured interviews and classroom observations. These data sets helped to shed light on the work and lives of the participating teacher educators and how they understood, negotiated, determined and implemented Environmental Education. The study showed that while these teacher educators had a clear understanding of the environment and saw the need/importance of incorporating Environmental Education in their daily practices they had very little scope to do so. There were numerous factors that constrained implementation. This thesis argues that while policy reforms are a step in the right direction they need to be backed up with strong implementation systems in order to be successful.

Figshare can be used to store and share various outputs from academic research, providing DOIs and usage figures for its users. Find out more at their website.

Sylvia Christine Almeida PhD (2014) Environmental education in a climate of reform: understanding teacher educators’ experiences, Environmental Education Research, 20:4, 575-576, DOI: 10.1080/13504622.2014.910498

Revised online template for preparing a thesis summary

Revised online template for preparing a thesis summary

Please visit: to access the new streamlined template.

If you’ve just finished your doctorate researching EE, or know someone who has, or want others in this research community to know about that, this feature of the journal may be the tool for you …

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