Weekend listening – What do you think are the key ideas in #enviroed?

Here’s a few ideas, starting with ‘place’, from an eeLEARN playlist …

Q. What would you add to such a playlist? And what thoughts, sounds, or even soundscapes, would you use?


Start the week by revisiting snippets from a project developing an international oral history of EE

Q. What stories, milestones, and processes would you identify?

Weekend viewing – “eeLEARN is a series of online learning modules exploring the foundations of environmental education”

One of their video resources offers a range of perspectives on #enviroed from around the world.

Q. How would you introduce #enviroed to someone unfamiliar with its aims and scope?

Find out more about eeLEARN at https://naaee.org/eepro/learning/eelearn

Start the week by reflecting on the significance of Tbilisi for #enviroed, 40 years on

The journal’s founding editor, William Scott, offers an audio commentary on Tbilisi Recommendation Two, over at the eeLEARN website.

Recommendation Two articulates the goals, objectives, and guiding principles of #enviroed.

What would your commentary be? And do you agree with Bill’s final words, that we now need something more ‘inclusive’?