Tips on Thursdays – mashup a thesis summary with a video abstract

If you want people to know about your doctoral research, our one page thesis summary is a great way to share that with the research community, have a publication in the journal, and provide a link to the full thesis.

Another way to boost your profile in the research community is to release a video abstract to go with your thesis summary. It is a great way to communicate your passion for your doctoral work, and for the research community to see the person behind the project or summary.

Who knows, it may even lead to some inquiries that lead to:

  • requests to submit job applications,

  • invitations to do seminars or workshops, or

  • other collaborative activities from those interested in your work.

Find out more about both at:


Tips on Thursdays – writing review articles

How do you approach writing a review article, and what do you need to consider?

Some tips from the publishers … and a reminder from the editorial board – these are consistently the most cited and most read papers we publish.

Start the week with “Overcoming impostor syndrome”

Our publishers have a podcast series to support research careers; the latest entry tackles:

“What is impostor syndrome? Why is it a hotly discussed topic in academia? What steps can you take to overcome it?”

Access the podcast and past episodes (e.g. on academic mentoring) via the links:

End the week by considering one step further … does your article suit a cartoon abstract?

Cartoon Abstracts are a fun new way of visualising academic research.

Each individual cartoon abstract summarises the original authors’ work through illustration, harnessing the overwhelming power of images over text. Illustrations can aid the understanding of difficult concepts, broaden the appeal of niche topics, and transcend language barriers. Elements of humour, intrigue, and parody can be found throughout many of the cartoons, which further increases audience engagement.

If you’d like to try one with Environmental Education Research, see the tips and options at:

To turn your abstract graphic, get in touch via

  • We look forward to publishing our first in due course!

Tips on Thursdays – video abstracts

This week’s push at the journal is on developing video abstracts, as with Hanna’s example posted on Wednesday. View the video abstract at:

There’s more detail on this at the journal blog:

Hanna’s top tips include keeping it simple, expecting it take time for a polished result, and using software that your institution supports, or something high quality on a free trial mode if this likely to be a one off or rare activity for you.

Don’t forget last Friday’s posting too about the value of a press release – one that incorporates a high quality, sharable short video gains a lot more traction than one that is text only.

PS If you have a paper soon to be published in the journal and would like to offer a video abstract with it, do get in touch with our social media editor, Jonas Lysgaard.

We are also keen to do author interviews, and clips on journal-related research – like those from ECER and other events in recent years – see