Start the week by registering for the WEEC2017 Research Symposium, Vancouver

This day-long Research Symposium at the World Environmental Education Congress 2017 will provide a range of insights and dialogues to focus our attention on questions of strategy and priority for environmental education.

The day will include plenary panels in the morning and afternoon, alongside participatory dialogues and a strategy workshop. The first half of the day will focus on trajectories of environmental education, through presentations and discussion that probe why the field of environmental education has become what it is, and where might it be heading. The second half of the day will focus on priorities for environmental education, through presentations and discussion that probe how to increase the contributions of research, policy, and strategy in advancing environmental education.

Short and provocative position papers from invited speakers will be pre‐circulated on the event themes. Registrants will be expected to have read the short position papers and come prepared to discuss them with their authors and other attendees.

Participation is limited to congress delegates and with no additional fee, with pre-registration required. Register for this thought-provoking symposium on the main congress registration site.

The Research Symposium is being co-organised by Marcia McKenzie, Director of The Sustainability Education Research Institute (SERI), and Alan Reid, on behalf of the research and evaluation strand of WEEC2017, with sponsorship from The Sustainability and Education Policy Network (SEPN) and Environmental Education Research.

Tips on Thursdays – know someone who needs a research award?

There aren’t many awards in this field, but NAAEE does have some, including an “Outstanding Contributions to Research in EE” category.
Find out more on how to nominate – and of course, eligibility criteria – at the Research and Evaluation group eePRO group (you may need to join eePRO to see this):
You can read about the award and past winners at:
… and may spot some notable gaps in that list – a spur to nominate perhaps? Deadline is tight – 4 August!
PS if this category doesn’t quite fit, there are others, and other award schemes out – use the comments area to share those?

Weekend listening – What do you think are the key ideas in #enviroed?

Here’s a few ideas, starting with ‘place’, from an eeLEARN playlist …

Q. What would you add to such a playlist? And what thoughts, sounds, or even soundscapes, would you use?

Weekend viewing – “Decolonizing Environmental Education: Building Relationships with Indigenous Peoples”

February edition of NAAEE’s monthly webinar series focused on “Decolonizing Environmental Education: Building Relationships with Indigenous Peoples”.

Watch it again at the link

Start the week by considering social movements in #enviroed

If you’ve wondered how “civic and political organizations can make the participation of ordinary people Possible, Probable, and Powerful” [P3] you might want to check out this webinar from NAAEE. It features Hahrie Han and the work of the P3 lab at UCSB, on civic and political engagement, collective action, social change, and democratic revitalization, particularly as it pertains to environmental politics and social policy issues.

Discussion continues over at eePRO