Start the week with a video abstract


“Environmental education (EE) policy and content of the contemporary (2009–2017) Mexican national curriculum for primary schools”
Last week we posted information about a new article in the journal, by Arely Anahy Paredes-Chi & María Dolores Viga-de Alva.
We are delighted that Arely and María have prepared a video abstract to go with their study, which you can view here and are welcome to share.
You can find out more about the study by following the link at the foot of this message, requesting a copy of the eprint or contacting the authors via
To find out more about video abstracts in Environmental Education Research, see
In Mexico a reformed curriculum is being implemented at the national primary level focused on the competence model and incorporating EE as a key element. This article reports our analyses of what theories, policies and/or EE related-contents were included in the documents that integrated this curriculum: general study plan, study programs of Grades and official students’ textbooks. Results indicate that in those official documents was incorporated a competence related to EE called ‘competences for the coexistence’, implying harmonic relationships with others and the nature. Additionally, EE for sustainability was included as a transversal topic expecting that contributes to reach the graduate profile of basic education that indicates that students should promote and assume the care of health and the environment. Nevertheless, it is not clear how it is expected that teachers implement EE in practice, lacking clarity of the environmental theory that support this curriculum.
Keywords: Primary school, official curriculum documents, EE curriculum analysis, Mexico

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