Gender and the environment

Gender and the environment

  • book review

Karen Bell

Pages: 1-3 | DOI: 10.1080/13504622.2017.1324619

“Overall, I found this book to be very clear and accessible. For a short book, it was remarkably comprehensive. It will be useful to academics who are well versed in these topics, offering new links and analysis. … I think its strongest purpose would be as an introduction for students and the wider public who are new to environmental politics, environmental policy and sustainability. It will be of great use to environmental educators to offer as a starting point into the topics of sustainability and development.

“The book is altogether timely, insightful and persuasive. Gender continues to be a relatively marginal issue in environmental debates and this book may help to redress the balance. It confirms that women tend to experience inequitable environmental burdens and are less likely than men to have control over environmental decisions … environmental researchers, educators, policy-making and activists urgently need to link to their counterparts in the fields of equalities and social justice so as to achieve sustainability for all. This book facilitates such a project. It is a highly valuable contribution to the literature on both sustainability and gender and will, hopefully, become a powerful bridge between the two fields of study.”


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