EEASA 2017 – Call for abstracts

Environmental Education Association of Southern Africa (EEASA)

  • Final Date for Submission 15 June 2017.

Main Theme: Enhancing Quality Education through Environment and Sustainability Education in Southern Africa.

Abstracts can be submitted under the following sub themes:

  • Mainstreaming ESE for quality education in the formal and informal education systems to achieve the SDGs
  • Young people transforming lives, knowledge and human landscapes through ESE
  • Technical and Vocational Education Training (TVET) as vehicle for building capacity for sustainable society for achievement of SDGs
  • Civil Societies mainstreaming ESE in the implementation of the SDGs
  • ESE and Art-based approaches in ESE
  • Integration of Indigenous Knowledge in all sectors
  • The role of gender in the implementation of SDGs through ESE
  • The role of Media in ESE for achievement of SDGs
  • ESE access and sustainable harvesting of Natural Resources
  • The role of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) in achieving the SDGs
  • Communities working with ESE to achieve the SDGs
  • Understanding changing socio-ecological contexts through appropriate new research capacity (New research methods and theories)

Find out more at the website: EEASA 2017 – EEASA


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