Starting the week with a “Thank you”

As the editor of Environmental Education Research, it is simply delightful to get to work with Alex Lazzari from our publishers, Taylor & Francis. In this instance, it was over one of those long lunches were we get to discuss all things “journal” – the ups and downs of the industry, trends and new horizons in the field, if not how to stay sane and smiling amid all the messiness that comes with the lives and livelihoods we seek to value …

Alex offers stellar support and wisdom to the editorial office, something we’ve been privileged to experience from day 1 with another of our champions at T&F, Ian White.

By the end of last Friday’s meeting, the notepad was full of wonderful ideas and initiatives addressing what we could do over the next few years with the journal. We’ll be sifting and sharpening those within the editorial board in the coming months, and announcing those on this page amongst other places – but a milestone we especially look forward is reaching 25 years with the volume after next.

And to have that in sight, I can but pass on Alex’s and my thanks to the editorial board, office, authors and referees who have made that so very possible!

We salute you, and look forward to raising another glass!


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