Research Symposium at WEEC 2017


Poster for Research Symposium, WEEC2017 –

This day long workshop invites World Environmental Education Congress participants to revisit the question of what environmental education is, should be, and either might or must become.

Drawing on local to international perspectives, expert contributions and debate, we invite participants to re-engage this question at a critical juncture in the politics of the environment.

The workshop uses three distinct markers from historic to contemporary international policy developments to engage these questions:

First, it is 40 years since the UN’s Tbilisi Declaration on the framework, principles, and guidelines for environmental education at all levels. 

Second, since the end of the UN’s Decade of Education for Sustainable Development, environmental education has been positioned as central to a wide range of initiatives, including the Sustainable Development Goals, the Global Action Programme, and Climate Change Education.

Third, on May 26, 2016, the United Nations Environment Programme secured over 200 national signatories to a resolution entitled, “Investing in human capacity for sustainable development through environmental education and training” during the United Nations Environment Assembly in Nairobi, Kenya.

The workshop is for environmental educators, activists, scholars and researchers. It will include invited panels and participatory discussion sessions that: 

investigate how we understand environmental education, including its origins, turning points and contexts for development; 

debate key considerations from the past to present and into the future, from the worlds of practice, policy and scholarship; and 

strategize for impact across a diversity of possible approaches, new directions and future scenarios for the field. 

Places are strictly limited for congress delegates. Register for this thought-provoking workshop at the congress registration site

The schedule for the day is under development, and will be made available to those registered closer to the event. The day is being co-organised by Marcia McKenzie, Director of The Sustainability Education Research Institute – SERI, and Alan Reid, on behalf of the research and evaluation strand of WEEC2017, with sponsorship from The Sustainability and Education Policy Network and Environmental Education Research.

NB As the program for all ‘community outreach workshops’ will coincide with the theme of the Congress, these workshops will be free of charge for WEEC 2017 delegates.


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