Start the week by revisiting open access publishing options with the Journal

Environmental Education Research is a hybrid journal, it publishes both open access (OA) content and content available via subscription. At the top of the journal website is a link to our OA publishing options. Find out more at:

To review OA agreements your institution or network may be part of, please contact them or visit:

To find out more about Author publishing charges, green OA routes, and so forth, see:

Don’t forget, there are other ways to share different versions of a manuscript that don’t infringe on copyright or publishing agreements; a summary is available at:

e.g. “We recommend that you include a link to the VoR from anywhere you have posted your AOM or AM … Please do not post the PDF of the VoR unless you have chosen to publish your article open access. This also applies to any author who has published with us in the past.”

Jargon buster:

Author’s Original Manuscript (AOM)

Accepted Manuscript (AM)

Version of Record (VoR)


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