Gentle reminder that “a social networking site is not an open access repository”

Authors with this journal are strongly encouraged to use and share their work in line with their particular publishing agreement, e.g. standard (such as via eprints and institutional repositories) or open access routes.

However, using some of the widely available commercial enterprises will often violate copyright automatically, particularly if a full text pdf of one of our journal articles [“Version of Record”, VoR] is posted. Such “services” or networks are not always operating with an author’s or this journal’s best interests to the fore; for one of the many discussions on that, see:

For existing and potential authors, you might want to check the terms and conditions and wider points made at:

While should you fancy tidying up after yourself, removing or updating what has perhaps been inadvertently made available on Researchgate or from this journal before, the universe is sure to smile at you – if not the Editor and publishers of Environmental Education Research.


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