Place in research. Theory, methodology, and methods – a book review

Dave Clarke’s review of the 2015 publication by Eve Tuck and Marcia McKenzie is in the journal at:

Follow the link to see why he concludes:

I see this as an important book for two main reasons. Firstly because of the way in which Indigenous theories and methods of land are presented alongside Western space/place theorising. This should begin to open up approaches to research methodology to researchers seeking critical, participatory and ethical methods. Secondly it is a valuable contribution in that it is unafraid to delve into contemporary theoretical currents regarding spatiality and (new) materiality and offer critique and consideration regarding the political fallout and opportunities of these discourses. This is not a ‘how to guide’ nor a more traditional research methods text book, rather Eve Tuck and Marcia McKenzie contribute an engaging and well referenced discussion, acting as a confluence of ideas for considering place in research.


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