News of the push for ESD in Nigeria to address a faltering national economy

Reblogging a news item:

The Academy of Education (NAE) has urged the Federal government to collaborate with academicians, educationists and professionals in the industry to proffer solution to the present economic challenges facing the nation.



This was made known by Professor Ikenna Onyido a former Vice Chancellor of the Michael Okpara University of Agriculture Umudike and presently the Director Centre for Sustainable Development Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka, during the 31st annual congress of the Nigerian Academy of Education held in Owerri the Imo State capital South east Nigeria.

He noted that the Federal Government is committed in getting the desired change that it professes for the nation, educationalists and academicians are the true and inevitable agents that could partner with the government, to provide home-grown solutions to the problems of economic development, environmental degradation and social cohesion facing the country.

While speaking on the theme, “Education for sustainable development in Nigeria”, the Professor stated that for Nigeria to attain maximum level for sustainable development there is need to change the way we think and act which requires quality education and learning for all levels and the change that Nigeria needs is the one that will be diligently pursued, and effected in the classrooms and other learning contexts by academicians and educationalists who are grounded in the knowledge and innovation industry.

Delivering the keynote address, Professor Ikenna Onyido urged the Federal Government to collaborate with scholars and academicians in the innovation industry if the government is serious in achieving the change it desires.

He added that as innovators and professionals in impacting knowledge, they remain the change agents who should be properly equipped, adequately remunerated and sufficiently motivated to really drive home the needed change the federal government proffers.

“What can we learn from this allegory about the development of Nigeria? We learn that the primitive mind cannot deliver good governance, which is responsible for many of the problems that constitute underdevelopment.

This is where education comes in, where you and I are involved, and where the Nigerian Academy of Education has its functional relevance cut out for it, at the very foundation of development.”

He further added “In fact, the overall well-being of a nation is fully dependent on the quality of education on offer and the proportion of the population that has been exposed to it. Nehru, the great Indian statesman who laid the foundation for much of the economic development that India is making today, recognized this fact when he said that: “All is well with a nation if its universities (educational institutions) are in good shape and functional.”

Professor Onyido said “the role of education in development, which been the starting point for the translation of countries from backwardness to economic development, from dependence to economic independence, appears to have been totally lost on our leaders, across the decades.”

Read on at the link: Educationalists Urge F.G To Proffer Solution Facing The Economy


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