Check out the NAAEE Research Symposium 2016, getting underway in Madison today.

Many thanks to Ruth Kermish-Allen (Chair, NAAEE Research Special Interest Group
Chair, Research Symposium) and Nicole Ardoin (Chair-Elect, NAAEE Research
Special Interest Group Co-Chair, Research Symposium) for pulling this event together.

“We are so excited to have you join us in Madison, Wisconsin, for the Annual NAAEE Research Symposium, which draws colleagues from around the world. Over two days, this symposium provides an ideal venue to gather as a community, engage in boundary-pushing dialogue, and create the foundation of exciting environmental education (EE) research initiatives. We will explore new ideas and approaches, reflect on the evolution of our field, address complex problems, and cultivate collaborations through facilitated discussions, posters, workshops, and informal conversation. As you attend the sessions, we challenge you to consider how emerging issues, solutions, methods, and theories can inform current and future EE research. We are eager to hear your reflections throughout the symposium and during the closing plenary.”


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