The biennial meeting of the Australian Association for Environmental Education is now underway, in Adelaide, with a wide range of local, regional and international delegates.

Themes for the event include:

  1. Resilience and optimism for a changing world
  2. Education as active citizenship
  3. Creating an intergenerational present
  4. Reconnection with nature
  5. Technologies and education for sustainability
  6. Valuing a diverse world

Check out the program for the main conference and research symposium at, and follow the tweeters at #AAEE2016.

The post’s image is from Freya Fogliani’s tweet, taken at Mark Rickinson’s research symposium keynote. Mark asked environmental and sustainability education researchers to discuss 4 questions about research-policy-practice relationships:

  • who are we working with?
  • what are we focusing on?
  • how well do we understand these relationships?
  • what relationships are we developing?

Look out for a paper on this (and more), in the journal in subsequent issues …



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