Weather worlding: learning with the elements in early childhood

Weather worlding: learning with the elements in early childhood
– New EER Article Alert
Tonya Rooney
Pages: 1-12 | DOI: 10.1080/13504622.2016.1217398

In the context of challenges posed by climate change, this paper draws attention to the significance of children’s relationship with weather. The paper contends that it is time to engage more closely with children’s weather relations when developing and experimenting with new environmental pedagogies. Furthermore, it is argued that there is a need look beyond the ways children learn ‘about’ the weather (where this is presented as something separate to our human selves), to more situated and entangled ways of learning in and ‘with’ weather. Notions such as the ‘weather world’ and ‘weathering’ are discussed here as valuable starting points for re-thinking child/weather relations. These offer a way forward where the lively curiosity of children, combined with the educational practice of being with the weather, may open up alternative, less human-centric ways of coming to know and respond to the environmental challenges ahead.

Keywords: Environmental education, weather, climate change, common world pedagogies, early childhood education


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