Start the week by joining The Conversation about gardens and #enviroed

Start the week by joining The Conversation about gardens and #enviroed

For a short read, we flag a recent summary of the benefits of gardens and gardening, including for schools, older people and mental health, that draws on a range of studies of environmental education.

Don’t forget we’ve a special issue in the making that focuses on botanic gardens and #enviroed … appearing in Vol 23, one of 10 issues in 2016.

While for recent papers on the wider aspects of this topic, see:

Thesis summaries:
Environmental education on climate change in a botanical garden: adolescents’ knowledge, attitudes and conceptions – Daniella Sellmann –

Place matters: pedagogies of food, ecology and design – Monica Green –

Community supported agriculture as public education: networked communities of practice building alternative agrifood systems – Alan Wright –

Reading our way forward: education for environmental and social justice – Rebecca Young –

Food for thought: learning to build local food security and community-based disaster resilience through garden networks – Kimberley Reis –

On wider aspects, in various empirical and theoretical studies and commentaries, try:

Making ‘place’ for ecological sustainability in early childhood education – Iris Duhn –

Education for sustainable development (ESD): the turn away from ‘environment’ in environmental education? Helen Kopnina –

Enhancing learning, communication and public engagement about climate change – some lessons from recent literature – Victoria Wibeck –

Moral spaces, the struggle for an intergenerational environmental ethics and the social ecology of families: an ‘other’ form of environmental education – Phillip Payne –


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