“Why is no-one knocking at our door? The impact of our research on tomorrow”

Symposium conversations will explore the above title in relation to three core themes:

– Changing cultural and contextual environments
How might our research facilitate change within the cultural and contextual worlds within which we work? What are the new and innovative ways we could be engaging (productively) with our world(s)?

– Collaborating for change
What does it really mean to do research collaboratively? What strategies might we use to do research collaboratively? How might research collaborations help us to have a better impact on the future/tomorrow?

– The use and impact of our research
How do we speak to our world(s) so that our research ideas are not simply re-circulated in the academy? What strategies will help us to advance the use and impact of our research? Are there key research questions we should be, but are not, asking?

Includes –

Key-note Conversation # 1: Mark Rickinson
“Research-Policy-Practice Relationships in Environmental and Sustainability Education: Some Starting Questions”

Key-note Conversation # 2: Amy Cutter-Mackenzie, Alan Reid, Bob Stevenson, Hilary Whitehouse
“Bald, Bright and Bare Patches in Environmental Education Research”

Key-note Conversation # 3: Aidan Davison
“Where to from here? Reflections on Research, Teaching and Engagement in ESE”

Follow the link for session details – http://aaee2016.com/research-symposium.php or access directly at http://aaee2016.com/downloads/AAEE_2016_Research_Symposium_Delegate-Info+Program.pdf


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