Introducing board members – Katrien Van Poeck

Another new member of the board in 2016 is Dr Katrien Van Poeck.

Katrien conducts research in the field of environmental and sustainability education (ESE) at the Centre for Sustainable Development (Ghent University).

Asked about her main research interests, Katrien says that ‘critically examining education’s role in building a more sustainable world fostered her interest in questions of democracy, controversy, citizenship and public involvement in the light of sustainability issues’ (

Her work empirically analyses ESE practices and policymaking and aims to contribute to further theoretical conceptualisation of the relation between education and sustainability politics. Currently, she is engaged in an innovation and research project about sustainability in university education. She also combines these research activities with a job in ESE policymaking and capacity building (Flemish Government), and this forms another research interest is the relation between ESE research, policy and practice, hence her key role and insights during the guest editing of the journal’s first Virtual Special Issue, “The roots and routes of Environmental and Sustainability Education policy research, edited with Jonas Lysgaard (Aarhus University) and Alan Reid (Monash University) – – while for a short video introduction, see and

Katrien is widely regarded as one of Europe’s leading lights in the upcoming generation of environmental and sustainability education researchers. Find out more at

In a follow-up post, we ask Katrien to trace some of the key milestones in her career to date, adding in a few more details to the sketch above.

— Welcome to the board Katrien! We look forward to your current work on the Benelux special issue and your wider contributions to the field!

Link to Facebook entry


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